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Innerbloom CrossFit – Enabling Futures Through Fitness

Our Philosophy



At Innerbloom CrossFit, we embrace the belief that everyone deserves the benefits of being active, no matter their age, experience, or personal health needs. We know that regular physical activity is key to a mentally and physically fulfilling life.



Our approach to fitness is rooted in CrossFit because, quite simply, it works. It uniquely combines various elements of fitness—like gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio—all in one engaging workout. One of the great strengths of CrossFit is its scalability. Movements can be adjusted to suit all skill levels, from simple bodyweight exercises for beginners to more complex routines for seasoned athletes. This approach ensures that everyone can progress at their own pace in a supportive environment. We are your very own personal trainers in a group space.



Our workouts are designed to be diverse, making every session unique. This approach ensures our training:



  • Adapts to meet the varied needs of our members, making sure everyone from our littlest participants to our adult athletes finds value and challenge.
  • Is enjoyable and socially enriching, providing a welcoming environment where members can be competitive in a friendly way.
  • Promotes personal growth, discipline, and teamwork.
  • Builds strong connections between members and coaches, enhancing the community feel of our gym.
  • Helps every member expand their personal limits and set new, ambitious goals.
  • Maintains a positive mindset, encouraging everyone to expect the best from themselves.



Beyond our CrossFit roots, Innerbloom offers a wide range of fitness services tailored to meet individual goals. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, or develop specific skills, our small group classes and semi-private training options are designed to cater to your personal fitness journey. At Innerbloom, you’ll find coaches and members who not only guide you through each workout but also cheer you on, creating a motivating atmosphere that makes fitness fun and engaging.



We focus on what you can achieve today and help you build towards what you can accomplish tomorrow.



Join us to see how our personalised, holistic approach to fitness can help you achieve your best self!

The Team


Courtney Eddleston


I’m Courtney, a proud owner and coach at Innerbloom CrossFit. My fitness journey started at age 6 with team sports and home workouts, which ignited my passion for health and movement. At 21, I explored traditional gyms and bodybuilding, but it was at 24, when I discovered CrossFit and witnessed the CrossFit Games, that I truly found my calling. The skill and versatility of the athletes reshaped my understanding of fitness.


William Dicey


Hello, I’m William Dicey, the proud owner and coach at Innerbloom CrossFit. Creating this space has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. My journey began in the world of horse racing, where for 14 years, I developed a keen interest in sports training, with a special focus on weight management and maintenance. This passion led me to achieve a Certificate III in Commercial Cooking, followed by a Certificate in Performance Nutrition.

My early exposure to the impacts of mental health has fuelled my aspiration to create a holistic space at Innerbloom CrossFit. It’s more than a gym; it’s a community where you can be your best self, whether in lifestyle, school sports, family life, or on the competition floor. My goal is for you to recognise your potential and leave feeling uplifted, stronger, and more confident than when you arrived. I believe in empowering you to see the possibilities within yourself and to embrace every challenge as an opportunity to grow.


Shane Elliott

Head Coach

Meet Shane, a dynamic CrossFit coach with a rich background in sports and fitness.
Starting his coaching journey in 2017 while on a soccer scholarship in the USA, Shane discovered his passion for CrossFit in Waterford, Ireland, and has been dedicated to coaching it ever since.

With a Degree in Exercise Science, CrossFit Level 1 Certification, and a Diploma in Personal Training & Group Training, Shane’s expertise is vast. Additionally, his qualifications in Precision Nutrition Level 1 and OPEX Programming Design further augment his holistic approach to fitness. At Innerbloom CrossFit, Shane is committed to positively transforming members’ lives through his engaging and knowledgeable coaching style.


Daniele Massetti


As a devoted fitness enthusiast and CrossFit aficionado, Daniele is also a seasoned traveler and avid supporter of FC International Milano. Transitioning from a promising soccer career due to an injury, Daniele found a new passion in CrossFit in 2013. With over a decade in CrossFit, Daniele has explored nearly 50 different gyms globally, enriching his expertise and understanding of the sport. Now, as a vital part of the Innerbloom CrossFit team, he is eager to contribute to the community’s growth, creating lasting memories and experiences.

Daniele’s qualifications include a Degree in Sport and Science, Cert III & IV, Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy, CrossFit Level 1, and certifications in Weightlifting/Gymnastics Level 1 and PT ISSA CFT3, making him a well-rounded and knowledgeable coach ready to inspire at Innerbloom CrossFit.


Lindsey Johnson


With three years of dedicated CrossFit experience, Lindsey embodies the spirit of never-ending progression and the joy of mastering new skills. Particularly passionate about the kids and teens programs at Innerbloom CrossFit, she excels in boosting young athletes’ confidence and physical prowess. As a mother, Lindsey appreciates the importance of holistic well-being, balancing the physical and mental health of her two boys. An advocate for women’s strength training, she challenges common myths with evidence-based approaches.

Her diverse qualifications, including CrossFit Level 1, a BA in Languages and Export Management, and advanced degrees in Paediatric and Child Health Nursing, enhance her multifaceted approach to fitness and well-being in Western Australia’s health and fitness community.


Anette Haaland


Meet Anette, a seasoned CrossFit enthusiast and educator from Norway, now a pivotal figure in Perth’s CrossFit community. With a decade of experience in CrossFit, including competitions and holding a CrossFit Level 1 certification, Anette blends her passion for fitness with 15 years of expertise in teaching and mentoring. As the manager of Innerbloom CrossFit, she continually enhances her coaching skills, offering a holistic, individualised approach to fitness and well-being. Join us to experience her unique blend of inclusive, dynamic training and educational insight.

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