Your Ultimate Guide to Perth’s CrossFit Competitions

G’Day, Perth CrossFitters! Are you ready to step up your game, push your boundaries, and immerse yourself in the CrossFit community you love? If so, you’re in the right place. From novice to elite, Perth’s CrossFit scene has never been more vibrant! We at Innerbloom CrossFit have put together WA’s first ever comprehensive chronological guide to Perth’s annual CrossFit competitions. This is your go-to resource for a chronological list of competitions in Perth.

Let’s jump right in and map out your year of competitions:


RFX Summer Showdown (January) – As we kick off the new year, the RFX Summer Showdown in January presents a golden opportunity. Held at the spacious RFX Athletic within Roar Fitness, this event is more than just a competition. It’s a platform for athletes to set the tone for the year, fostering an atmosphere that’s both competitive and supportive. It’s about personal bests, friendly rivalry, and a celebration of the CrossFit community.

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The CrossFit Open (February) – As we transition into February or March, the global CrossFit community unites for the CrossFit Open. This event is a testament to the inclusivity of CrossFit, allowing athletes from Perth and beyond to participate from their local box. It’s a time of intense competition, personal records, and shared accomplishment that brings the local and global CrossFit community closer together.

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Masters HQ (April) – This competition typically takes place in April and begins as an online qualifier competition. If you progress to quarter and semi finals, the most recent semi finals competition was held at Injustice CrossFit in Rockingham. It’s specifically designed for our more seasoned athletes, often referred to as ‘Masters’ in the CrossFit community. The Masters category in CrossFit is for athletes aged 35 and over, with further age divisions as athletes get older. These categories allow older athletes to compete against others of a similar age, providing a level playing field. The Masters HQ competition is perfect for these athletes looking for an individual challenge. It’s a testament to the fact that age is just a number, and fitness can be pursued and enjoyed at any stage of life. The competition is as fierce and the community is as supportive as in any other CrossFit event, making it a highlight of the annual CrossFit calendar for many.

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Festivus Games (April) – This year, in 2024, was held on April 20 at CrossFit Perth. Not just a local competition here in Perth, but is a worldwide competition and this one is, as they say, “for the rest of us”, meaning not full of incredibly top level skills and weights, more accommodating for novice and intermediate athletes! You can participate as an individual or as a team of 3.

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Sagitta Triples (May) – This teams of 3 event, is being held on May 4, 5 at Byford Secondary College this year, 2024. Unlike pairs or teams of four, the dynamics of a three-person team require a different strategy and level of coordination. Each member’s strengths and weaknesses become even more critical, as there’s less room to hide weaknesses and more reliance on each team member’s contributions. The challenge lies in effectively coordinating and leveraging the strengths of all three team members to perform optimally across the various workouts. This makes the Sagitta Triples a thrilling and unique competition in the CrossFit calendar.

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Girls Gone Rx (May) – This unique competition, the final one typically held in May, is a celebration of strength, resilience, and the power of women. Girls Gone Rx brings together teams of three women to compete, not just against each other, but against their own personal bests. While the event promotes a sense of community and camaraderie, make no mistake – the competition is fierce and the workouts are challenging. The athletes push their limits, proving their toughness and determination. But it’s not just about the competition – Girls Gone Rx also serves a greater purpose. It’s a fundraiser for a breast cancer charity, making it a meaningful event that combines fitness, community, and a good cause. The event offers two divisions: Rx and BAM (Badass In the Making), catering to both experienced athletes and those new to the competition scene. Girls Gone Rx is an opportunity to test your fitness, meet amazing people, and contribute to a worthy cause, all while showing the world the power of women in CrossFit.

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Allstar Alliance (June) – in 2024, it’s being held at CrossFit Access on 22, 23 June. This is a very exciting teams of 4, (M, M, F, F) competition that really spices up the competition season! Their having this year’s Allstars Championship at Kayo Stadium, Redcliffe, on 1-3 November.


Frantic Day Out (July/August) – Let’s talk about a real highlight in the Perth CrossFit calendar – Frantic Day Out. Typically taking place between late July and early August, this competition has been hosted by the folks at Fitness HQ/CrossFit Frantic and has become a firm favourite in our local community. The torch has now been passed to CrossFit Access, and for it’s 11th year running, will be on 6 – 7th July. This competition is one of the few remaining individuals competitions in Perth. As the workouts are released and big-name competitors announced, the anticipation builds, creating a buzz that’s hard to match. But it’s not all about the competition – it’s about bringing together fitness, fun, and community spirit, making it more than just a day out – it’s an experience.
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WA Masters Fitness Series (August) – Held at IronBody CrossFit in August, this event is a unique couples competition for our master athletes, those aged 35 and over. Teams of two, either male/male or female/female, compete together, showcasing their strength, agility, and endurance. It’s a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the power of teamwork and camaraderie in a competitive and supportive environment.
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CF Games Day (August) – As we roll into August, specifically 24th, 25th, get ready for CF Games Day at The Village Athletica! This mixed pairs competition (M, F) promises great excitement, especially with the new owners taking over from it previously being CrossFit Artax. Let’s show our support and bring our best to the competition!
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CrossFit South Coast Baptist College (CrossFit SCBC) (September) – – This College has the pleasure of hosting the Teen’s Fittest in WA annual competition in September! It’s a chance for Perth’s teens to take on a fun and demanding day that really tests what they’re made of. Encourage your teen to step up, compete, and maybe even surpass their own expectations. It’s a perfect way to help them grow stronger, both physically and mentally. Don’t let them miss this!
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WA AFFILIATE CUP (October) – There’s a reason this one is in all capitals… It’s Perth’s first and only CrossFit licensed event!! It’s a huge gathering where the aim is to find the “Fittest Box in Perth”. Every gym is invited to field up to 6 teams, each comprising 4 athletes (2 females and 2 males). Over the course of three days, the event kicks off with an exclusive Summit for gym owners, leading into two action-packed days of competition. From food trucks and a vibrant beer garden to restoring saunas and ice baths, along with engaging kids’ activities, enlightening workshops, and a diverse range of vendors and stalls, this event promises a comprehensive experience. Mark your calendars for its second appearance this October 12-13! Don’t miss out!
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The Hustle Games (September) – At Hustle and Harvest in Malaga this September 7-8, they will again be hosting their same-sex pairs competition! With prize money up for grabs, it’s a compelling event that tests both strength and teamwork, in a beautiful large gym. A must-attend for local enthusiasts!
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RFX Rumble in the Jungle (October) – This same-sex pairs event, held at RFX Athletic within Roar Fitness, typically in October, is one of the most anticipated competitions in the Perth CrossFit community. The ‘jungle’ in its name is 100% about the wild excitement and competitive spirit that fills the venue on the day of the event. The atmosphere is electric, with athletes and spectators alike caught up in the thrill of the competition. Whether you’re an athlete on the competition floor or a supporter in the crowd, RFX Rumble in the Jungle offers an unforgettable experience. Their dates are yet to be announced!
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Butterfly Effect (October) – This unique competition, this year being held on October 6 at CrossFit Perth, is a female-only teams of three event that stands out in the CrossFit community. Launched in 2016, the Butterfly Effect aims to raise awareness against negative body image and eating disorders. It’s more than just a competition – it’s a movement that encourages women to ‘Celebrate Your Body’. The event has become Australia’s leading female-only CrossFit competition.
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Ignite Games Pairs* (October) – CrossFit Kaya, one of Perth’s newest CrossFit gyms, hosted their first CrossFit competition in October last year for Beginner and Intermediate Pairs! They also had categories for Pre-teens and Teens ages 9-16!! Dates aren’t released yet for their next competition, but it’s one to keep an eye on so we can all head down and show them support!

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Three V Three Showdown (November) – Typically this competition has been held in November. I keep an eye on this comp and will update if they are hosting again this year!

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Chasing Better Throwdown (November) – Also typically in November, we have the Chasing Better Throwdown, a three-day event that really puts athletes to the test. Held at various boxes, including their Ellenbrook box, and outdoor venues such as Swan Valley Adventure Centre, this competition offers a range of workouts designed to challenge athletes across all aspects of fitness, including a fun OCR course! This comp brings they hype and delivers with some big prize money last year! We’re all excitedly waiting for these dates to be released!

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Battle of the IronBody* (November) – Their first competition debuted on November 18 and 19, 2023! This newest Individuals Comp in Perth was as exciting as the bigger names! Held at a few locations in Rockingham (listed below), it was a successful weekend full of excitement!

Day 1 – Lark Hill Sporting Complex & Rockingham Aquatic Centre (oooh, swimming!)
Day 2 – Ironbody CrossFit in Port Kennedy

Like the other competitions later in the year, we’re waiting to see if they’ll return for a second season!

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Valhalla Northern Series (December) – One of Perth’s first competitions held North of the River (NOR)! Bringing together the boxes northside, we’re eagerly waiting for the release of the dates!

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Mobius Fittest in the North (December) – Another fantastic competition gave its debut last year on 2 December! It’s a mixed pairs (M, F) competition, we love these! We also love to see more competitions arriving for those like us, north of the river! Find your partner and start preparing now! We’ll give you the updates when they’re announced.

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Closing Thoughts

As we wrap up this ultimate guide to Perth’s CrossFit competitions, let’s take a moment to reflect on what it’s all about. We wholeheartedly encourage all our members and CrossFitters in the Perth scene to consider stepping into the arena of these competitions. It’s not just about the physical challenge, as significant as that is. It’s about the camaraderie, the community spirit, the shared experience of pushing past what you thought were your limits.

Remember, the heart of CrossFit isn’t about standing on the podium; it’s about pushing your boundaries, embracing the fun, and immersing yourself in the incredible CrossFit community here in Perth. So, why not set your sights on a competition or two? Set your training goals, gear up, and start preparing for an exhilarating year of fitness and fun! This is your year to step into the spotlight, and we’re excited to see your journey unfold.

Did We Forget Anything?

We aim to provide the most comprehensive guide, but there’s always a chance we might have missed something. If you know of any competitions or CrossFit events in Perth that we haven’t mentioned, please let us know in the comments. Your feedback will help us and the broader CrossFit community stay informed!